The beauty of hidden paths of Promina mountain, water springs, the view of the green Petrovo polje (Peter’s field), vineyards and old shepherd cabins are constantly telling the story of the local area and people.
The mountain abounds with forests, fresh water springs and mineral resources, and has always had an important part in the life of this area. This is the reason why an increasing number of tourists, nature lovers and adventurers come to see it. Promina is criss-crossed with a network of trails and paths where it is possible to admire the geomorphological phenomena such as cave Liluša, fossil sites, beautiful views from belvederes, and sunrises and sunsets in particular. The view offered from Čavnovka peak (1148m) is the best reward for those who make the effort to reach it, but enjoying the view of Kornati islands, as well as Krka and Čikola canyons is possible even from lower points.

The Promina Mountaineering Society has refurbished a mountain hut, available for visitors with previous reservation, 855 m above sea level. Hiking, mountain running, trekking, walking - all these activities are possible on this easily accessible mountain, which is also suitable for relaxing family walks.

Access road is located on the exit road from Drniš towards Oklaj: after about 700 m to the right, a narrow asphalt lane leads to the village of Lišnjak. A wide walkable gravel road continues up to the mountain house of the Promina Mountaineering Association, and upwards to the peak.

Hikers can climb up the mountain via several marked trails. The first one leads from Drniš through Lišnjak and Mali točak spring, the other path leads from Drniš, passing by the Church of St. John (Sv. Ivan) in Badanj, and the third route starts in Siverić. The time required to complete these routes is about two hours.