Burnum is a Roman military camp built in the 1st century, whose remains can today be seen near the village Ivoševci (19 km away from Knin, direction Kistanje), on the right riverbank of Krka. It was built by the Roman Emperor Claudius, and enlarged by Emperor Vespasian.

The 11th Roman legion, whose honorary title since 42 A.D. was Claudia pia Fidelis, camped in Burnum, and after their departure, the camp was used by the 6th legion – the so called Flavia Felix. As the legions left Burnum in 86 A.D., Emperor Hadrian proclaimed Burnum the Municipium and a town of Roman veterans. The town had a sanctuary, an Amphitheatre, a 15 km long aqueduct and paved streets. It was destroyed in 639 A.D. during Avar-Slav wars.

The camp remains include two localities: two arches of the pretoria (camp command) and the Amphitheatre which could, as assumed, accommodate between 6 to 10 thousand viewers and was built as a donation by the Emperor Vespasian.

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