The best way to experience the ambience of the area of Drniš and all its hidden beauty are long walks in nature. Exploring the network of rural roads and paths you will be recreating, spending time in the beautiful nature, experiencing the biodiversity of the area and learning about the lifestyle of the local people. Set up walking trails and paths with viewpoints ideal for family picnics will be at your disposal.

Old Mill – Gradina Walking Path

In Drniš a set up walking path which is, approximately one kilometre long leads from the Čikola bridge to the Old Mill from the 15th century and continues uphill to Gradina Fort with a unique view of Drniš, Promina and Petrovo polje.

Circular footpath in the Čikola canyon

At the lower course of Čikola, a set up circular footpath offers a majestic view of steep karst cliffs and of the river from autumn to spring, or the dry riverbed during the summer. Along the path, you will find resting points and viewpoints from which you can watch adventurers descending from the nearby zip line. The access to this walking path and parking space for vehicles is situated approximately 10 kilometres away from Drniš, along the county road of Pakovo selo-Ključ.

Ključica Walking Path

Walking path Ključica through the unspoiled nature leads to the lookout with a view of the medieval fortress Ključica, Lake Torak and the confluence of Čikola and Krka rivers. The trail is about 1.7 kilometres long, and access to the trail is possible from the village Ključ on Miljevci plateau.

Stinice-Roški Slap-Oziđana Pećina Cave Walking Path

Within the Krka National Park, the longest and most attractive walking path is Stinice - Roški slap - Oziđana pećina cave. It is 8.5 kilometres long, has a number of entrances and exits, and is equipped with educational boards, which makes walking along the attractive parts of the park even more interesting. The path mostly follows the canyon and river Krka offering a magnificent view of the Visovac island, the Među gredama strait (Among the beams) and the Necklace cascade of the Roški slap waterfalls. There is also the Oziđana pećina cave, set up for visitors, to which over 500 stairs lead.