Susak is a traditional wooden jar, made of the aromatic juniper wood and used for serving and drinking wine. Although the modernity has made susak seem as an exotic relict from the past, Master Ivan Tomić and his son Tomislav have revived its production. Drinking wine from susak is a special experience which bring not only the delight of compounded scents of juniper and wine, but also the memory of closeness and bonding between people drinking from it.

Technological process of susak’s production starts with the selection of the adequate juniper tree, demands high precision in work - the result of which is a unique souvenir. Besides this little master-peace, Tomić workshop makes other wooden souvenirs: racks for wine bottles, ashtrays, magnets, jewelry, key chains and figurines in folk costumes.
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Traditional Dalmatian houses, Drniš fort – Gradina, sacral architecture made as miniatures from stone, are souvenirs deriving from the workshop of Mrs. Miroslava Aralica and Mrs. Milanka Pranić. The workshop also produces unique souvenirs combining natural materials and presenting the traditional way of life – such as miniature open fire places in old houses, miniature vineyards and tools used in farming.

The workshop also produces magnets, key chains and outflows featuring local motives. One of the most popular miniatures made in this workshop is Drniš prosciutto miniature, which has achieved the fame of its edible template.
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The Hand weaving cooperative “Miljevci” (Tkalačka zadruga Miljevci) uses traditional hand weaving techniques, and besides the distinctive traditional Drniš hat, produces souvenirs which present elements of local folk costumes of Drniš area. The cooperation also manufactures textile items (clothes) with embroidered or sewn-in traditional motives and elements, as well as souvenirs such as figures in folk costumes, handbags, fashion accessories and jewelry.

Tkalačka zadruga "Miljevci"
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